Return to Florida

A couple of years ago we were fortunate to go to work for Florida Gulf Coast University to assist them in developing their television and short image film presence, just in time for the basketball team’s journey to the NCAA tournaments. As a result, our 30 second spot about the university screened on national television. We recently returned to FGCU to craft a new message film – one tasked with outlining the goals of the institution’s capital campaign. Director Robert Tinnell traveled to Fort Myers with the AIF team for the four day shoot with producer, Jeffrey Tinnell, and a production team including director of online gaming photography, Jason Walker and editor Aaron Shelton. The university was extremely supportive, allowing Robert a great deal of creative latitude and the resultant film – FIVE – was well-received by FGCU and its target audience. We look forward to returning to the beautiful south-west Florida campus in the future as we continue to capture the unfolding story of this dynamic school.

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