AIF Gets Real For West Virginia Tourism

When the state of West Virginia’s Tourism Office decided to overhaul the way they communicated their message, Tourism Commissioner Amy Goodwin tapped Allegheny Image Factory writer/director, Robert Tinnell.  Tinnell had this to say about the project: “In a lifetime of great opportunities, this has been one of the greatest.  I’ve been given an extraordinary amount of freedom to capture the myriad unique stories of the state and the people.  West Virginia is so much more diverse than the general public realizes.  And the way we are crafting the Real campaign allows us to try many different approaches to the storytelling, which is a huge gift for a creator.”  AIF has put a large team in place to take on this massive project, which entails creating a number of 2-3 minutes films highlighting “real” West Virginia locales, activities, and people.  Producers Jeffrey Tinnell and Andy Westfall have supervised six productions already, highlighting a number of areas around the stated, including Jefferson County, Braxton and Lewis Counties, Morgantown, Charleston, Huntington and Wheeling, with more on the way.

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